Cops Arrest Social Worker (news item)

news item of the week ❤ this is in effect worldwide dear humans reading my blog.. the truth IS stranger then fiction & all you have to be truly sure about is to know who you and what you are… it is not only the difference between fraud and truth but also the difference between slavery and freedom ❤ read on & share as much as possible please, thanks in advance, i love you – xhill

Kate of Gaia

Cops Arrest Social Worker For Attempting Kidnapping in School Meeting

AP Newswire: June 25th, 2014   femalehandscuffed

In a stranger than fiction truth, it would appear that some people who make bold claims as a result of their supposed “position of power” as a Social Worker, one young lady found out the hard way and ended up being arrested because of her threats to take a child away from her father during an “in-school” private meeting.
In an effort to maintain the “No LEGAL NAMES” theme that is boldly apparent in this strange turn of events, it would appear that the truths surrounding the much discussed topic of “No LEGAL NAME, No game” that has been popping up all over the internet lately and seems to be connected to  .  It appears that a legal name has more power than most people have ever imagined in that having identification seems…

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